Medicare Supplement Leads Generation – Old Methods Versus Modern

Generating Medicare Supplement leads is perhaps the most crucial part of the business. Certain methods have been around for years and there are agents who claim that those methods still work. The reality is that while older methods may produce some small profit, modern methods of Medicare supplement leads generation are proving to be a better option.

Getting Medicare Leads The Old Way

Early on in the business, Medicare supplement leads included pretty much anyone who owned a home. The logic was that since all people who owned a home could potentially benefit from the protection that this insurance could provide, it was worth the try to get in touch with as many people as possible.

According to the old math and old statistics, approximately every 10 Medicare supplement leads could equal around three appointments. Out of approximately every three appointments, you should average about one sale. The old method of generating Medicare supplement leads included cold calling, getting referrals from friends or family, publishing ads, using direct mail, and networking with everyone you meet. It was a tiring and time-consuming process to earn a significant income that was then reinvested into marketing.

Getting Medicare Leads The Modern Way

There are two modern methods used today to gain Medicare Supplement leads. The first is to purchase Medicare leads and the second is to join an organization that provides agents with quality leads. Both methods can easily be done online. These may seem like similar approaches at first glance, but they are actually quite different.

Purchasing Medicare supplement leads will provide a list of prospects quickly and easily. Once you have the list, it is up to you to follow up on inquires and requests for quotes. There is no other support, training or assistance and you are pretty much left to close sales on your own. You still need to market your business and establish credibility.

Joining a venture can improve your chances that your list of prospects is up to date. By teaming with an established company online, credibility is already established. Support and a refreshed source of Medicare supplement leads is provided on a regular basis. Most of the marketing is done for you so that you can spend most of your time on appointment setting and actually meeting with potential buyers.

What is the Best Way to Gain Medicare Leads?

In terms of time management, the age-old cold calling, friend referral method comes in third place compared to modern methods. It would take more than 50 hours a week to find Medicare supplement leads, set appointments and land enough sales to make any significant money at all.

Considering financial investment, the older methods come in at last place as well. The money it cost for design work and copy writing on direct mail ads, newspaper ads, calling cards, can drain a good portion of commission income. Purchasing Medicare supplement leads can also be a financial strain, as you may need to continue to invest in updated lists in addition to traditional marketing methods.

Joining an existing network of agents can give you steady access to ready Medicare supplement leads on a consistent basis, and the money you would use on advertising will be dramatically reduced. Your time will be spent on appointment setting and meeting with potential buyers.